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Green Design

Green and environmental” is not only a business positioning strategy for an enterprise, but also a social responsibility proposition; it is related to the happy life of thousands of families and the direction of national development. Based on the above considerations, Quanyou Furniture actively integrates internal and external resources, builds a green industrial chain from fast-growing forests to users, and creates green standards and enhances the green index from each link. Quanyou Furniture gathers global professional art wisdoms and absorbs the global green design trend. It has established three R&D centers in Milan, Italy, Chengdu and Shenzhen, China. With a transnational R&D Team consisting of over 200 fashion designers, including FLAVIANO CELASCHI, Alan, Tommaso and Anna, more than 1,000 new fashion products are launched annually and more than 2,000 design and innovation invention patents have been obtained.

It boasts more than 200 designers
and more than 1000 new products every year
Green Supply

Quanyou Furniture has established strategic partnerships with many Top 500 enterprises, and selected a series of environmentally-friendly raw and auxiliary materials to lay a solid foundation for the production of green and high-quality products.

Cooperation with many Top 500 enterprises
Green Intelligent Manufacturing

Quanyou has introduced the world's advanced furniture production equipment and realized 5 quality monitoring, 18 mainstream processes and 35 auxiliary procedures including raw material inspection, production process quality inspection, finished product inspection, quality improvement, and process technology improvement with precise and rapid automated assembly line operation. Through inspection and control on each procedure, the green and environmental-friendly furniture production processes are guaranteed.

18 processes for quality
5 quality monitoring and
Green Logistics

Quanyou Furniture’s complete logistics supply chain realizes 5 quality assurances from the product’s green warehousing, green storage,

green packaging, green transportation to green installation!

Green Terminal

Thousands of specialty stores of Quanyou's Furniture provide consumers with a green shopping experience in a natural and fresh environment, more than 6,000 products in over 50 series, and one-stop home furnishing solutions.

More than 6000
products in over 50 series
Green Alliance

Quanyou Furniture cooperates with many internationally renowned companies (IMA of Germany, Wemhoener of Germany, CEFLA of Italy, HP of the United States, LIGNAR of Denmark, SAP of Germany, etc.) to integrate global wisdom resources and create a green home life together!

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